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IBM System p5 520 + As adopted by the industry-recognized, high-performance, IBM POWER5 + ™ technology IBM System p family of a server, System p 520 + servers for midrange UNIX ® or Linux ® system performance established a new standard. Its purpose is to the price of entry-level systems, providing complete availability, flexibility and security. Advanced technology, feature-rich and extremely reasonable prices, making + p5-520 server as enterprises of all sizes and in the database of choice for business applications.
Processor                   Single nuclear or dual-core IBM POWER5+™
Clock frequency (minimum / maximum)            1.65 / 1.9 / 2.1 GHz
System memory (std / max)            1GB / 32GB
Internal memory (std / max)        73.4GB / 16.8TB(With optional I / O expansion cage)
Performance (relative performance range)             3.62 / 12.46
Features and Benefits。
POWER5 + microprocessor designed to provide excellent application performance and high reliability, including Concurrent multi-threaded system to help improve business performance and processor utilization.
High memory I / O bandwidth fast processor systems to reduce the waiting time for transmission of data; can transmit data faster to meet HPC and other memory-intensive applications demand.
Can choose to install a flexible table-or 19-inch rack (4 U expansion drawer), with flexible configuration.
Processor can be shared pool in the District of transparent sharing deal with the ability to help balance capacity, and to ensure that high-priority access to the area for processor cycles.
Micro-processor sharing pool will allow each processor to a maximum of 10 district; tuning handling capacity to match the work load.
Virtual I / O server * through the sharing of expensive resources, thereby saving costs and simplify system management.
Virtual LAN speed memory partition between internal communications.
Dynamic Logical Partitioning * support the re-allocation of system resources without the need to reboot the affected area in the use of available capacity with greater flexibility to adjust to more efficient resources to meet changing business needs.
Uphold the RAS characteristics of the mainframe technology is usually used in larger and more expensive systems have the characteristics of these features include: service processor, memory Chipkill ™, the first failure data capture, dynamic release of the selected system resources, hot-swappable PCI-X slots, hot swap disk stent, redundant hot-swappable fans, heat add I / O expansion drawers, dynamic firmware updates.
Support for multiple operating systems allows customers the flexibility to select the appropriate operating systems and applications to meet their demand to extend the application range of options, including many open-source applications.
AIX 5L operating system for mixed workloads designed to provide maximum throughput with the need for complex system configuration or tuning Protection for the system to provide integrated security features the use of Linux applications homology expansion options.
Support for the Linux operating system to 32 and 64-bit open-source applications, providing inter-communal IBM server platforms operating environment.
IBM System p5 550+ IBM's server products to the product, whichever is released. IBM details, see the official website
IBM System p5 520+
IBM System p5 520 Q
IBM System p5 550+
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IBM System p servers (such as: System p 185, System p 505, System p p510 +, System p 510Q, System p p520 +, System p 520Q, System p p550 +, System p 550Q, System p 5600Q, System p 570, p5 510, p5 p520, the p5 550, p5 570, the System p5 590, System p5 595 servers.
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