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1、IBM System p server(如:System p 185、System p 505、System p p510+、System p 510Q、System p p520+、System p 520Q、System p p550+、System p 550Q、System p 5600Q、System p 570、p5 510、p5 p520、p5 550、p5 570、System p5 590、System p5 595。
IBM System p™ 570 Powerful的IBM POWER6+™ 。
IBM System p ™ 570, it can be easily expanded from two to 16 core kernel. IBM SMP unique modular architecture allows you to need to add more powerful IBM POWER6 + ™ processing capabilities.
Processor                   2、4、8、12、16 POWER6
Clock frequency (minimum / maximum)            3.5 GHz / 4.7 GHz
System memory (std / max)            2 GB / 768 GB
Internal memory (std / max)        73.4 GB / 79.2 TB(Via an optional I / O drawer)
From the IBM System p5 ™ 570 powerful IBM POWER5 + ™
From the IBM System p5 ™ 570 can be easily expanded to dual-core from the nuclear 16. IBM SMP unique modular architecture to keep you add more powerful IBM POWER5 + ™ processing capabilities.
Processor                   Dual-core, 4 nuclear, nuclear 8, 12 or 16 nuclear nuclearPOWER5+
Clock frequency (minimum / maximum)            1.9 GHz / 2.2 GHz
System memory (std / max)            2GB / 512GB
Internal memory (std / max)        73.4GB / 79.2TB (Using the optional I / O expansion cage)
Performance (relative performance range)        12.27 / 95.96
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