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MicrosoftClusterServer Launched cluster administrator maintenance errors.
First, IBM x Series Server & PC server maintenance services.
1)Netfinity maintenance machine models are: (eg: netfinity 1000, netfinity 3000, netfinity 3500, netfinity 4000R, netfinity 4500R, netfinity 5000, netfinity 5100, netfinity 5100 M10, M20 netfinity 5500, netfinity 5600, netfinity 6000R, netfinity 7000, netfinity 7000 M10, netfinity 7100, netfinity 7600, netfinity 8500R, netfinity and other models).
2)PC Server maintenance machine models are: (eg: PC Server 300, PC Server 310, PC Server 315, PC Server 320, PC Server 325, PC Server 330, PC Server 500, PC Server 520, PC Server 704, PC Server 725 , and other models).
3)XSeries maintenance machine models are: (eg: xSeries 100, xSeries 100, xSeries 130, xSeries 135, xSeries 200, xSeries 205, xSeries 206, x3eries 206m and xSeries 205VL, xSeries 220, xSeries 225, xSeries 226, xSeries 230, xSeries 232, xSeries 235, xSeries 236, xSeries 240, xSeries 250, xSeries 255, xSeries 300, xSeries 305, xSeries 306, xSeries 306m and xSeries 330, xSeries 335, xSeries 340, xSeries 346, xSeries 235, xSeries 235, xSeries 235, xSeries 235, and other models).
2)I have many years of professional maintenance company IBM PC server series, the engineers, the engineers on the IBM X-series servers for the products are very familiar with. Have good technical knowledge and technical communication skills.
2) my company, the engineers, according to provide hardware fault information to determine hardware failures.
3) hardware engineers to determine the fault, to provide the hardware solution. (Such as power supplies, motherboards, hard drives, boards, and other spare parts.)
4) engineers hardware solutions can provide the necessary accessories for testing (such as power testing, or testing motherboard problems) I tested in accordance with specific spare parts, to collect certain parts of test fees.
Second, IBM x Series Server & PC server maintenance services are as follows:
1)I companies IBM xserver maintenance services.
Case 1, a Beijing government units, IBM X255 machines, plugged in no power, no reflection. After I carefully opened the mainframe engineers, tools remove the power supply module, power accessories, find, replace the power supply module, plugged back to normal, maintenance success.
Third, HP, compaq server maintenance, and other services:
1)HP server maintenance and repair services (such as: LH3, LH4, LH3000, LH6000 servers)
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