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1、Minicomputer-deep, blue security services to the community.
Full maintenance, no - not
"Safeguarding the whole" my company is the service concept of maintenance services. Whether the fault appeared before the fault, or the fault, I comprehensive maintenance services company always with you about the operation of your business Minicomputer escorting.
1、Failures before:
We provide pre-sale equipment maintenance free technical support, but also come to do preventive check the server, the maximum to avoid the occurrence of failures. We are different from other service providers, only when problems arise, they started to respond to and deal with the implementation of fault.
2、Fault of:
We received a repair call, we have to respond immediately to your timely deployment of professional engineers to provide technical advice or on-site repair and rescue services, the maintenance of your files, for the implementation of your most rapid diagnosis and recovery. At the same time, our company by virtue of its well-service network, but also to ensure that in the first period, the escort spare parts in place to shorten the repair cycle.
3、 After the failure:
I will you establish a complete maintenance records, in view of the details of the fault occurred on the scene to do. In addition, the periodic maintenance of equipment comprehensive inspection process, our engineers and experts you will conduct more extensive exchange of technologies, and provide you with a more comprehensive technical support and share their experience.
4、 Provide value-added system optimization options:
Our company has been dedicated to providing you with efficient server optimization solution to enable it to maximize the effectiveness of help you integrate storage resources, the effective distribution of data to help you reasonable allocation, backup and restore data to support the implementation and use of Db2 you, Oracle, WebSphere, Lotus, the software through our system management and maintenance services to ensure that your system stable, safe and efficient operation.
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