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Beijing dark blue Rong Xin Technology Development Co. Ltd. (Beijing Shenlan Rongxin Technology Development Co, Ltd.), since its establishment in IBM's agency business, the Beijing Science and Technology Development Limited dark blue Rongxin specifically for system integration services.
The company is based in China's Silicon Valley - Zhongguancun, is a professional IT services to provide for the core philosophy of Set product development, system integration, IT strategy consulting, which integrates high-tech enterprises, is International Business Machines Corp (IBM) core business partners.
Today, Beijing dark blue Rongxin committed to providing e-commerce applications technology, integrated solutions and comprehensive systems support services, has now become internationally known IT manufacturers IBM, HP, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft and other products agents are With these is the support of internationally renowned manufacturers help that Beijing had dark blue Rongxin companies not only to China's domestic industries and provide information necessary for basic network platform, but also for the government, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and many other industry ease of use, the applicable enterprise-class application of the core technology solutions.
Beijing dark blue Rongxin company to IBM's next generation of e-commerce and Internet server e-Server P series (RS6000), I e-Server Series (AS400) and IBM disk, tape storage products based on the core hardware, and systems for IBM management software - Tivoli, e-commerce platform software - WebSphere, database software DB-2 to provide third-party consulting, systems integration, system maintenance, system upgrades, leasing, and other value-added services, upgrade the overall competitiveness of the core customers, found more customers and more business opportunities and expand the commercial client space. In the systems integration business, Beijing will be dark blue Rongxin with numerous strategic partners, in the government, finance, telecommunications, education, finance, taxation, as well as SMEs, to provide personalized comprehensive solution.
Beijing dark blue Rong Xin Technology Development Limited is owned sales, technical engineers more than 20 people, pooling mainframe, hardware, networking, database and application software development, and other professionals, who are integrated experience accumulated for years, industry solutions with IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and other experts certified to users is fully capable of providing high-quality services. With offices in Chongqing and marketing network all over the country.
In the 21st century, and the Internet and e-commerce era, Beijing Science and Technology Development Limited dark blue Rongxin responsible and in good faith the spirit of enterprise and innovation, for the vast number of users constantly provide better solutions and services.
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