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IBM Systems > IBM System Storage > Disk storage systems > DS4000 > IBM TotalStorage DS4800 Demand environment, scalable, high-performance memory
Product Features:
DS4800 is the performance of DS4500 three times.
High scalability, by connecting 16
Exp710 physical Fibre Channel disk storage capacity can be more than 67 TB.
By connecting 16 EXP100 SATA disk storage can be expanded to 56 TB.
Increase the cache, the cache of 84 up to 8 GB.
In the same DS4800 support EXP100 and EXP710 Cabinet mixed use.
Independent functions (such as "dynamic volume expansion" and "dynamic capacity increase") allows the use of on-line memory without cease operation, if a problem occurs, aimed at providing services to the automatic alarm or DS4000 services DS4000 alarm management will automatically remind IBM.
DS4800 is the 4 Gb host interface, automatic identification 1 Gb, 2Gb or 4 Gb.
Support UNIX ® platform (AIX ®, Sun Microsystems and HP), Windows ® and Linux ™ environment is similar platform products support the largest one solution.
As many as 64 disk partition
IBM TotalStorage DS4800 is IBM TotalStorage DS4000 series of the latest and most powerful storage server. As a component of the IBM storage solution an important part of the DS4800 is designed to provide operational flexibility and continuity of the operation of IBM business continuity solutions critical component. DS4800 also designed to adapt to changing data values, while preserving the availability of the data, hierarchical storage DS4800 in the life cycle management strategy plays an important role. IBM can and virtual product (San File System or San Volume Controller) with the purchase of DS4800, it is to help simplify the IT infrastructure for the excellent solution. DS4800 is the industry's first use of 4 GB / sec Fibre Channel interface technology, in the IBM TotalStorage EXP710 or EXP100 disk module supports up to 224 disk drives, making it meet for performance or capacity-oriented storage needs of choice . It has two models, 82 A (4GB cache) and 84 A (8GB cache), can be extended up to 16 GB of cache. In addition, the high-performance Fibre Channel and high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives makes the support of DS4800 storage systems on a single main memory and support to meet the requirements of memory. IBM DS4800 and the use of related software and services is a very competitive discounts, and flexible terms, predictable costs and rapid approval process, thereby providing faster and more convenient and more responsiveness of the IT financing.
IBM TotalStorage > DS4800 disk storage system products to IBM's announcement of a product prevail. IBM details, see the official website
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