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IBM Systems > IBM System Storage > Disk storage systems > DS4000 > IBM System Storage DS4700 Express Model-demand computing environment, scalable, high-performance memory
Product Features:
IBM has always been committed to the introduction of low cost of ownership to provide high-performance, outstanding features and unparalleled ease-of-use storage solutions, IBM System Storage DS4700 Express for the realization of these goals is launched. DS4000 series as a member of DS4700 Express provides a high-performance 4-Gbps Fibre Channel connectivity, and up to 33.6 TB of physical storage capacity and powerful system management, data management and data protection. DS4700 Express is designed to connect six DS4000 EXP810 disk chassis from the Working Group will expand to the entire enterprise.
The ability of end-to-end 4 Gbps Fibre Channel interface technology will help optimize performance
Up to 1600 Mbps bandwidth for high-throughput applications
Support for Fibre Channel Hard Drive
Includes IBM ® System Storag ™ DS4000 Storage Manager helps centralized management DS4000 series
A total of eight host channel, with the dual-controller to improve connectivity
Supports up to 112 disk drive module, can connect six DS4000 EXP810 expansion modules
Challenges: data management through low cost of ownership and high data availability
If we want to achieve business objectives and efficient data management is the key to business success. You need to have a low-cost storage solutions At the same time, need to be able to provide high data availability, and powerful storage management capabilities and outstanding performance. You need to be able to easily and cost-effective way to expand the memory capacity, and in accordance with the changes in information needs and make use of emerging technologies. Powerful and dynamic backup and recovery capabilities to help protect your data and prevent failure - not just response and recovery.
Help achieve low total cost of ownership (TCO)
IBM System Storage DS4700 Express models support high-performance 4 GB Fibre Channel interface, the interface is the need for high capacity data link-sensitive applications design. DS4700 Express supports eight 4 Gbps host channel can be directly connected to the host server, or connected to the Fibre Channel Storage Area Network (SAN). To achieve the 4 Gbps throughput speed for a 4-Gbps with the ability to drive and IT infrastructure.
SAN equipment performance measurement There are two methods: a few megabytes per second (Mbps) per second and input / output (IOPS). DS4700 Express 4 Gbps SAN solutions are designed to provide up to 160 Mbps throughput (assuming that the capacity to support 4 Gbps systems), and to achieve 125,000 IOPS. A 2 Gbps requirements of the memory array is the number of host ports 4 Gbps array twice, to the realization of the four 4-Gbps port throughput. DS4700 Express so that you do not need in the SAN array with an extra for each host port.
In the mainframe side, if the server requests more than two 2 Gbps host bus adapter (HBA) to reach the required performance (server should be equipped with at least two HBA to achieve high availability), this figure can be the 4 Gbps HBA half. Fewer HBA can help you by reducing the number of switch ports, thus helping to reduce overall costs.
Help provide high data availability
IBM System Storage DS4700 Express IBM models used in the storage infrastructure performance and management of the latest innovations. The product will help you create a high availability of data storage environments.
DS4700 Express Provides multiple RAID levels and redundant, hot-swappable components selection, can help you ensure data availability and security, enabling enterprises to achieve high reliability, availability, safety and applicability.
DS4700 Express Provide disaster recovery capability and flexibility to help you protect data and prevent failure - not just response and recovery.
These include the ability to use IBM FlashCopy ® point-in-time copy, a copy of VolumeCopy volumes and the use of Enhanced Remote Mirroring remote mirroring.
DS4700 Express 4 Gbps Technology is a key advantage with 2 Gbps technology (even 1 Gbps technology) compatible. This means that you do not have to replace the entire 4 Gbps SAN technology; you can gradually introduce new technologies. 4 Gbps products will be reduced to 2 Gbps or 1 Gbps speed (if connected), but the ability to allow you to the area by upgrading strategy, business interruption to a minimum.
Contribute to the achievement of information lifecycle management:
Information is the lifeblood of business on demand, and how to manage the information is a key IT organizations strategy. DS4700 Express introduced a 4 Gbps technology, therefore, IBM DS4000 series allow flexible access, and provide more scalable performance options, and for your business information structure and context. Therefore, you can light of the continually changing information needs the freedom to develop data management strategies.
Help to improve performance
DS4700 ExpressThe design for the management of some of the most sensitive tasks. In addition IOPS and Mbps, the DS4700 Express may well apply to the transaction-oriented applications and the bandwidth-sensitive applications.
In addition, a large number of replication requirements of the environment, DS4700 Express is a good choice, because the product excellent "horsepower" to effectively deal with FlashCopy, Volume Copy Enhanced Remote Mirroring and the additional performance requirements.
DS4700 Express Model 72 has eight independent 4 Gbps Fibre Channel host ports for direct connection Host (FC-AL), or through fiber optic connectivity for storage area network (FC-SW). As the industry's first use of 4-Gbps Fibre Channel technology, enterprise-class storage systems, DS4700 Express enables you ready for the future, taking full advantage of existing infrastructure. Through the use of the product automatically consultations FC connection speed capability, you can be integrated into existing 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps infrastructures. You can also protect storage infrastructure investment because DS4700 Express can support Gbps speed, which can be run in the SAN. :
DS4700 Express Storage System 4 Gbps drives can be connected to support 112 disk drives, and connect six DS4000 EXP810 disk chassis. This makes DS4700 Express for a performance or meet the requirements for the preferred capacity. 70 and 72 models can support 33.6 TB Fibre Channel physical storage capacity.
DS4700 Express an alternative configuration options - cache size - DS4000 flexibility to further expansion. DS4700 Express divided into two models: Model 70 to support the physical cache 2 GB (1 GB for each controller), and 72 models can support 4 GB of physical cache (each controller for 2 GB).
DS4700 Express integrated into DS4000 series environment, and other products DS4000 series runs the same powerful, yet intuitive storage management software. The products support the full utilization of storage capacity, and the rapid expansion of the storage environment management.
Meet a variety of storage needs and the needs of Application Clusters
IBM System Storage DS4700 Express Is a price easier to bear, which can be expanded storage server for storage consolidation and clustering meet the application requirements. Its modular architecture includes dynamic capacity of the (Dynamic Capacity Addition), and dynamic volume expansion (Dynamic Volume Expansion), adopted on demand to help achieve the improvement of the environment and support the expansion of storage on demand business environment. Online firmware upgrades and DS4000 Service Alert, and other automatic features can also help to enhance system availability.
DS4700 Express features support Direct Connect memory integrated into the sharing of centralized management or storage area network (SAN) environment. Through built-in support for eight Fibre Channel connected servers, can reduce or eliminate the need for additional switches, thereby helping to improve the cost-effective server clusters.
4 Gbps capacity with the IBM System Storage EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit provided for connecting to the designated DS4000 midrange disk systems of the 16 new stent disk chassis, each expansion modules using the 300 is 16 GB disk drives provide up to 4.8 TB physical capacity. EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit with a chassis can be used to support the new optional 2 Gbps Fibre Channel disk drives enhanced modules (E-DDM), and support 4 Gbps Fibre Channel disk drives enhanced modules (E-DDM) combination. EXP810 include redundant (AC or DC) power and cooling modules, and includes Environmental Services Module (ESM) interface. DS4000 EXP810 a 19-inch rack-mounted packaging.
ESM customers each replacement unit (CRU) consists of two 2 Gbps / 4 Gbps Fibre Channel host connections, using small pluggable (SFP) connectors. DS4000 EXP810 ESM is designed to support 4 Gbps Fibre Channel loop. The product also supports 2 Gbps and 4 Gbps Fibre Channel disk drives. DS4000 EXP810 chassis provides a positive switch used to select the speed of the entire chassis - 2 Gbps or 4 Gbps, but not both of the speed.
Fully utilize the capacity of DS4000 Series
DS4700 Express DS4000 series is in a server, these servers use public storage management software and expansion chassis. DS4700 Express can also be used for DS4000 EXP810 Storage Expansion Unit to take advantage of Fibre Channel technology.
The DS4000 series runs through scalability
DS4700 Express because of the highly scalable features - can support up to 112 Fibre Channel disk drives - which can be from the Working Group SAN upgrade to the enterprise network storage systems, thus enhancing the business together with the growth of flexibility. Moreover, the use of IBM System Storage DS4000 Storage Manager software, a number of DS4700 Express can be combined to meet the higher performance and capacity requirements - and thus can further enhance your expansion options.
DS4700 Express can be extended another sexual function is a dynamic capacity expansion (DCE), you can not interrupt the operation of the DS4000 EXP810 chassis will be added to the existing DS4700 Express. By adding these chassis, the new host for the group or existing unused volumes of online storage, thus achieving add capacity on demand.
DS4700 ExpressData can be maintained intact in the circumstances to upgrade to higher performance DS4000 series systems, the upgrade period to minimize disruption. DS4700 Express also will support online controller firmware upgrade, which provides better performance and functionality. In addition, you can also do not interrupt the running of the implementation of a variety of operations, such as by upgrading to the latest version of the DS4000 Storage Manager, or add optional services, such as DS4000 Service Alert or new DS4000 Alert Manager。
Through DS4000 Storage Manager for centralized management
DS4700 Express included in the System Storage DS4000 Storage Manager software can support on the local and network DS4000 series systems for centralized management. DS4000 Storage Manager allows administrators based on Java ™ technology through the Web browser interface rapid configuration and monitoring storage. It also allows administrators uninterrupted access to data in the circumstances customization and change the settings, configure new volumes, define the mapping relations and to conduct routine maintenance, as well as the existing volumes add a new dynamic chassis and storage capacity. Fault switch drivers, performance tuning routines and cluster support for DS4000 Storage Manager is a standard feature.
By providing these features and an intuitive user interface, DS4000 Storage Manager can help reduce the complexity of storage management, storage management and shorten the time.
Enhance storage management capabilities
IBM System Storage DS4700 Express provides a number of data management for improved system performance and storage capabilities. By using DS4000 Storage Manager software, administrators can DS4700 Express will be divided into as many as 64 virtual server. This feature enables IT organizations to carry out strategic storage capacity for the distribution of help to achieve the full utilization of storage space, and help reduce hardware and storage management costs.
You can connect multiple servers to a central system - DS4700 Express without having to purchase multiple RAID controllers. DS4700 Express through dual-controller and public management hardware failures switching function.
DS4700 Express The other can help enhance data management and protection features include FlashCopy、Dynamic Volume Expansion、VolumeCopy 和 Enhanced Remote Mirroring。
FlashCopy Logical Volume function can create point-in-time copy, which can be used to copy file recovery, backup, application testing and data mining.
Dynamic Volume Expansion Allows an administrator to not interrupt users in the use of the Logical Volume again set the size. This function suitable for the rapid growth in demand for data applications, such as Lotus Notes®和 Microsoft® Exchange。
VolumeCopy DS4700 Express can function in a logical volume (Volume source) is reproduced in full to another logical volume (target volumes). VolumeCopy allowed to copy in the process of source volumes read-only and write hangs in order to maintain point-in-time integrity.
Enhanced Remote Mirror Can be supported by written order of asynchronous mirroring the overall consistency (this technology is to support multi-LUN mirror key applications), asynchronous and synchronous copy of the overall composition of Metro mirror.
Even DS4700 Express are connected to different servers, they can also use a public hot standby tape drives pool, and improve availability as a cost-effective manner. IT administrators can set the number of spare drive.
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