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5、Customers benefit.
1) Destination room equipment installation environment inspection and advisory services;
2) removal equipment before the appearance and functional testing;
3) mainframe operating system UNIX system backup;
4) equipment demolition and cable banding;
5) re-assembly after removal equipment and related cable connections;
6) After the relocation of equipment appearance and functional testing;
7) HACMP clustering software configuration parameter adjustment;
8) TIVOLI TSM backup software configuration parameter adjustments;
9) TIVOLI network management software configuration parameter adjustments;
10) Other caused by the relocation of equipment configuration modifications and adjustments;
11) customers or debugging of applications on-line, by contractual arrangements to-site technical support engineers;
1、Room relocation services introduced.
2、Services note.
3、Services main content.
4、Relocation services coordination.
5、Customers benefit.
6、Equipment relocation planning.
7、Service features.
8、Customers responsibility.
9、Service restrictions.
10、Success Stories.
11、IBM Websphere middleware software migration services, AIX 4.3.3 operating system migration services, HACMP 4.5 pairs software migration services, IBM FAST series of optical storage hardware structure SAN migration services, oracle, DB2, sybase, informix database migration, etc. services, Room relocation services Home
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