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1、Room relocation services introduced.
Beijing dark blue Rong Xin Technology Development Company Limited has a group of IBM, HP, SUN, DB2, ORACLE DBA, Sybase, TIVOLI, Symantec, MCSE, CISSP, CCNP, CCSE, such as from the system to the network, database, security, and other aspects of High global certification of personnel, after several years in computer systems, network management and security systems, data storage and management, database systems and other technical aspects of accumulation and precipitation and dedicated users provide IT professional and technical services, and all-directional, multi-level the services, to help enterprises completed for various reasons causing the relocation of equipment, protection equipment sustainable normal operation.
2、Services note.
Relocation of services is to provide the characteristics of enterprise equipment relocation service products, which companies use Beijing dark blue Rongxin rich network management industry experience and IT equipment are familiar with, in the full understanding of the actual situation and needs of enterprises on the basis of, and provide enterprises with tailored customized equipment relocation solutions. Through many years of accumulated expertise and experience, users can be relocated in the process of computer equipment to provide equipment relocation technology programs, data backup, system after the relocation of equipment and connection systems in place, such as the resumption of technical support services to ensure that users After the relocation of computer equipment in a timely manner into normal operation.
3、Services main elements:
1) equipment relocation basic services.
2) After the relocation of equipment configuration and configuration revision adjustment services.
3) after removal system FBI technical support.
4) relocation project management services in person.
4、Relocation services coordination.
  Relocation services can be completed by the independent engineers, a project can be in the form of customer service, this will bring into full play Beijing dark blue Rongxin company project management expertise, provide for the entire relocation process of scientific management, but also for customers equipment to provide more protection.
5、Customers benefit.
1) Destination room equipment installation environment inspection and advisory services;
2) removal equipment before the appearance and functional testing;
3) mainframe operating system UNIX system backup;
4) equipment demolition and cable banding;
5) re-assembly after removal equipment and related cable connections;
6) After the relocation of equipment appearance and functional testing;
7) HACMP clustering software configuration parameter adjustment;
8) TIVOLI TSM backup software configuration parameter adjustments;
9) TIVOLI network management software configuration parameter adjustments;
10) Other caused by the relocation of equipment configuration modifications and adjustments;
11) customers or debugging of applications on-line, by contractual arrangements to-site technical support engineers;
6、Equipment relocation planning.
1) relocation coordination and management of resources;
2) removal process control and quality control;
3) Normalization of customer interface, and communication management;
4) relocation service status reports;
5) relocation of document management;
6) emergency incidents and problems;
7) Beijing dark blue Rongxin companies provide a single contact person, participate in the coordination of the various clients will relay the customer's request;
8) Beijing dark blue Rongxin company relocation resource coordination and management;
9) with a single customer interface, communication management;
10) Emergency and Beijing dark blue Rongxin aspects of the company handling and coordination.
7、Service features.
  Review removal equipment, and related hardware, software and applications, to ensure the removal of all equipment and related systems can be detailed and thorough consideration.
Full understanding of customer needs, characteristics of the services provided, Beijing dark blue Rongxin companies can provide to the different needs of customers tailored relocation plan.
Full relocation service experience and project management experience;
The relocation process against all possible problems, make recommendations and emergency plans;
Accessories for the removal process damaged the normal accessories provided support.
8、Customers responsibility.
For Beijing dark blue Rongxin companies to provide equipment relocation services;
Determine a team to the whole process of deep blue with Beijing Rongxin work with the company;
Problems in the relocation process should be your problem;
When necessary, to provide third-party software and peripherals provider of technical resources timely visit;< /font>
Beijing dark blue Rongxin company granted the necessary system access for the installation and testing;
Final results confirm the receipt.
9、Service restrictions.
Beijing dark blue Rongxin equipment company is not responsible for the packaging, transport, unpacking and insurance matters of the process, which is responsible for work by the customer if necessary insurance matters, to be subject to consultation.
Beijing dark blue Rongxin only responsible for the equipment companies operating system, Microsoft Cluster software, TIVOLI TSM TIVOLI backup software and network management software backup and restore.
Customers responsible for the equipment needed to run the various other systems software, application software, configuration information, such as data backup and restore;
Beijing dark blue Rongxin company relocation process only because Beijing dark blue Rongxin Company engineers improper operation of a direct result of damage to equipment or accessories in charge;
Due to the relocation of equipment from damage by the user responsible for the maintenance costs.
10、Success Stories.
Beijing relocation of an enterprise mainframe computer room.
Beijing engine room of a telecommunications industry relocation.
Tianjin an enterprise UNIX mainframe migration.
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4)Phone: 13301272832
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