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3、HACMP 5.1 Takeover problems.
3.1) operating system: AIX 5.1
3.2) HACMP Version:HACMP 5.1
3.3) Field: host of file system and preparedness to take over, however.
3.4) my engineer on-site dual-machine debugging software for mainframe and document preparation system can take over.
3.5) maintaining success.
2、HACMP 5.1 Service IP Address takeover issues.
2.1) operating system: AIX 5.1
2.2) HACMP Version:HACMP 5.1
2.3) scene: LAN IP address allocation problems.
2.4) my engineer on-site dual-machine debugging software can take over.
2.5) maintaining success.
1、A Beijing public institutions HACMP 4.3 takeover issues success stories.
2、A foreign-funded enterprises in Tianjin HACMP 4.5 Service to take over the IP address of the successful cases.
3、A city public security system HACMP 5.1 takeover issues success stories.
4、A Beijing Aerospace Research Institute HACMP 5.3 network synchronization problems Success Stories issue.
5、Hebei Province, a university HACMP 5.4 network synchronization success stories.
6、HACMP maintain records of success stories
2、HACMP two-plane software installation and maintenance Home
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