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4、slrxCompanies on the purchase of maintenance services to provide those services,:
4.1)System hardware maintenance services, including:
· Spare parts repair and technical services:
a) If a hardware fault system downtime, slrx warranty will be received within 30 minutes after the call response, and the fastest way to customers rushed to the scene to provide maintenance services.
b) If non-way hardware system downtime fault slrx repair will be received within one hour after the call response, and in accordance with customer requirements and the actual situation to the client site to provide maintenance services.
c) Maintenance and exchange of services: slrx customers will arrive at the scene to provide maintenance and service for parts.
· For the normal operation of the machine, slrx customers will be provided with regular preventive maintenance services following:
a) Preparation of system maintenance services programme
b) Specialized services staff assigned to the system in accordance with the programme of maintenance services.
c) Regularly carrying out a routine inspection of the system, do preventive maintenance, service and submit the report.
d) To ensure the quality of services and, if necessary, to provide technical experts to support.
· Telephone technical support services
a) Slrx provide 24-hour telephone fault repair:13301272832
b) During working hours, slrx will provide telephone technical support services
4.2)Strengthening of services including system software:
· Telephone technical support services:
a) Failure to answer or resolve software issues.
b)Solution or the answer to software-related day-to-day operation and installation.
· Site services, support for the telephone or the answer to the problem can not be resolved, the scene will provide services slrx
· PTF installation, and PTF installation is carried out after the basic system testing
· AIX version (Release) upgrade installation
a) According to the customers to prepare for the upgrade program, and to provide recommendations
b) AIX version upgrade plans and is prepared to provide recommendations
c) Installation of a new version of the AIX
d) In the new version of the AIX debugging system configuration
e) Has been installed on a new version of AIX test
· PTF provided corrective software
1、Minicomputer-deep, blue security purposes the service.
3、MA after-sales maintenance services:
4、slrxCompanies on the purchase of maintenance services to provide those services,:
5、A security, if there is no purchase warranty service, machinery, then, how do?
6、Minicomputer deep-Features
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