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1、Minicomputer-deep, blue security purposes the service.
1.1)Maximize savings and the customer investment protection, efficient and rapid solution to the problem of customers resolve their difficulties.
1.2)Guarantee customers by continuous, stable, efficient operation.
2.1)Our company has advanced, efficient management structure, providing customers with efficient service basis and guarantee.
2.2)I comprehensive company, fast service。
I would be different according to the customer's questions or requests for technical support services online or send to the corresponding departments and engineers, and the technical issues will be arranged in a timely manner to customer support group or organization has the responsibility to deal with engineers, shortened the problem is handled time so that the customers in the shortest period of time to solve the problem. And the establishment of detailed customer profiles to the problem tracking, analysis and management.
2.3)System services professional engineers
Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. deep Rongxin attaches great importance to the training of personnel, in view of the various different platforms IBM machines and equipment, and designated experts impose strict training. Beijing has specialized in the construction of the training centre service engineers, systems engineers ongoing, professional training, education center service engineers carry out new product training and technical discussions and exchanges to ensure that the level of technology continues to increase.
2.4)Sufficient spare parts inventory.
To ensure sufficient spare parts support, my company a lot of money in spare parts inventory. For emergency situations, and IBM engineers parallel operation of equipment quickly solved the problem.
2.5)Fault efficient and rapid response.
For Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other mainframe systems to provide on-line fault response, engineers can be reached within four hours of work at the scene, according to other areas or transport flights, for the fastest response. And customers by telephone or electronic remote support and other technical means to improve the efficiency of solving problems.
3、MA after-sales maintenance services:
3.1)For the scene of maintenance services.
Equipment failure in the customer received the report, slrx engineers will carry spare parts in the shortest possible time, arrived at the scene to carry out repairs and replacement of all fault free spare parts.
3.2)Preventive maintenance and regular inspection recalled.
· Slrx engineers, hardware maintenance services of the programme, and in accordance with the specific content of the programme implementation.
Hardware system maintenance of the contents of the programme include:
-- Objectives and the level of service
-- Slrx customers and the list of relevant personnel and contact telephone
--Preventive maintenance programme
· Slrx engineers will work regular visits to the scene, a routine visit and equipment preventive maintenance services.
· Each routine preventive maintenance of equipment, each of the two sides to maintain a staff signed by the Executive record of work.
· According to a customer's machine configuration, slrx spare parts in advance of the critical spare parts storage.
· RSF establish remote support system, allowing customers under the premise of slrx technical support from the Centre through the system of automatic test equipment working conditions.
4、slrxCompanies on the purchase of maintenance services to provide those services,:
4.1)System hardware maintenance services, including:
· Spare parts repair and technical services:
a) If a hardware fault system downtime, slrx warranty will be received within 30 minutes after the call response, and the fastest way to customers rushed to the scene to provide maintenance services.
b) If non-way hardware system downtime fault slrx repair will be received within one hour after the call response, and in accordance with customer requirements and the actual situation to the client site to provide maintenance services.
c) Maintenance and exchange of services: slrx customers will arrive at the scene to provide maintenance and service for parts.
· For the normal operation of the machine, slrx customers will be provided with regular preventive maintenance services following:
a) Preparation of system maintenance services programme
b) Specialized services staff assigned to the system in accordance with the programme of maintenance services.
c) Regularly carrying out a routine inspection of the system, do preventive maintenance, service and submit the report.
d) To ensure the quality of services and, if necessary, to provide technical experts to support.
· Telephone technical support services
a) Slrx provide 24-hour telephone fault repair:13301272832
b) During working hours, slrx will provide telephone technical support services
4.2)Strengthening of services including system software:
· Telephone technical support services:
a) Failure to answer or resolve software issues.
b)Solution or the answer to software-related day-to-day operation and installation.
· Site services, support for the telephone or the answer to the problem can not be resolved, the scene will provide services slrx
· PTF installation, and PTF installation is carried out after the basic system testing
· AIX version (Release) upgrade installation
a) According to the customers to prepare for the upgrade program, and to provide recommendations
b) AIX version upgrade plans and is prepared to provide recommendations
c) Installation of a new version of the AIX
d) In the new version of the AIX debugging system configuration
e) Has been installed on a new version of AIX test
· PTF provided corrective software
5、A security, if there is no purchase warranty service, machinery, then, how do?
5.1)As a provider of professional services companies, slrx security for the machines also provide a set of services, but the service response time and spare parts, arrived at the scene faster than the time, if you on the application of system downtime did not ask, The kind of services can be elected. The entire process is as follows:
→ problem → telephone call 13301272832 fault → judgement will be possible to the customer the cost of fax → customer signatures and pay the cost of spare parts → → companies to deploy spare parts arrived → maintenance.
And the cost includes: spare parts cost labor costs +
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