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SUN storage device customization upgrade services to be configured according to upgrade services.
1、SUN UNIX servers and storage equipment customization upgrade services to be configured according to upgrade services.
Case 1, SUN UNIX server hardware environment are as follows: SUN UNIX server of a small and medium enterprises in a Sun Fire 280R environment.
By upgrading to be objective, to achieve a Sun Fire 280R increased optical storage card environment.
1.1), the escalation of background: the production environment, according to the business needs of the need to upgrade two additional optical storage expansion card environment to meet business of storage space.
1.2) on the need to upgrade accessories programme is as follows:
a)Upgrading mainframe models:Sun Fire 280R。
c)An increase in optical storage card.
1.3)Engineers according to the customer's needs first to develop upgrading programme.
1.4)Before upgrading customer needs for the environment and the needs of customers with the system administrator work, and so on, have done a lot of preparatory work.
1.5)Business upgrade spare parts, hardware engineer for the upgrading of the environment.
1.6)Engineers and customers develop mainframe upgrade time.
1.7)Engineers and develop customer in the process of upgrading mainframe Back mechanism.
1.8)Engineers and customers to upgrade the testing.
1.9)Engineers and customers with the upgraded mainframe applications on-line test, test mainframe performance.
1.10)Engineers complete acceptance single upgrade.
Custom upgrades (case), the Sun Fire V480 four 900 MHz UltraSPARC III processor CPU, 2G of memory, two optical storage card.
Custom upgrades (case 2), an increase of two Sun Fire V880 optical storage card.
Custom escalation case (case 3), a unit of SMEs increased two Sun Fire V440 optical storage card environment.
Custom escalation case (four cases), a SME sun_fire_280r environment.
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