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1、IBM RS6000 series Minicomputer major maintenance models are as follows:
1)IBM RS6000 series Minicomputer hardware maintenance services, such as MA:170、270、F80、F85、H70、H80、H85、M85、S80、S85、P615、P620、P630、P650、P670.
二、IBM FAST series of optical storage machine maintenance are as follows:
1) IBM FAST series of optical storage as the hardware maintenance:FAST200、FAST500、FAST600、FAST700.
3、IBM LTO Library series in hardware maintenance MA:
1)IBM LTO series with the maintenance of the hardware such as MA:LTO3581、LTO3582、LTO3583。
4、Beijing dark blue Rongxin Technology Development Co., IBM RS/6000 MA preserve the main features are as follows:
1)IBM RS/6000 basic hardware maintenance services (including four times a year for free inspection).
2)IBM RS/6000 basic hardware maintenance targeted in the process of the provision of spare parts.
3)Quick response time.
4)Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. deep Rongxin response, the process is as follows:
5)The ultimate customer feedback。
Customer service plans.
IBM RS6000 series Minicomputer safeguard main flow chart:
Cover all IBM's server and storage products.
3、Minicomputer successful maintenance of the case in detail as follows:
IBM H85 retail industries in a city Minicomputer +7133- D40 storage maintenance services.
SMEs in a city two M85 IBM HACMP +7133- Minicom + D40 storage maintenance services.
IBM p630 Minicomputer SMEs in a city maintenance services.
SMEs in a city two IBM p650 Minicomputer maintenance services.
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