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1、PSeries fiber card accessories sales
Accessories Description Call for more information Aircraft Parts
6239 2 Gigabit Fibre Chan PCI-X Ada Call for more information
6228 Gigabit Fibre Channel 32/64 PCI Adapter 4-W Call for more information
5716 2 Gig Fibre Chan PCI-X Adapter Call for more information
6227 GIGABIT FIBRE CHANNEL ADAPTER FOR PCI BUS Call for more information
RS 6000 Minicomputer optical memory card (6239 card, 6228 card, 5716,6227, and other optical card sales)
IBM pSeries UNIX server drives sales (18 G Minicomputer hard drive (3104), 36 G Minicomputer hard drive (3129), 73 G Minicomputer hard drive (3159))
IBM pSeries UNIX server memory sales (4100,4110,4121,4075)
IBM pSeries UNIX server CPU sales (5204,5202,5320,5313)
IBM pSeries UNIX servers Array Disk (RAID) accessories sales (7133 (8518,8536,8572), 2104 (5109,6118,6136)
IBM pSeries UNIX servers tape drives accessories sales (6158 20/40gb 4mm tape drive 36/72 G drives)
IBM pSeries UNIX servers Adapters accessories sales(6203 PCI Dual Chan Ultra3 、2498 4-Channel Ultra3 SCSI RAID、5701 10/100/1000 BseTX、6231 128 MByte DRAM Option)
IBM pSeries UNIXServer Power accessories sales (6548 F85 Power, 6282 Redund AC Pwr Supply 645W CEC Power, 6283 Redund AC Pwr Supply 595W IO Power, 6284 Power Supply)
IBM pSeries UNIX Server machine sales(44p-270、7025-6F1、7028-6C4、7038-6M2、7026-6H1、7025-F50)
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