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First, HP 9000 series Minicomputer in the HP 9000 Server rp2400, rp2430, rp2450, rp2470 maintenance service success stories.
Case 1, a Beijing company in the rp2400 HP 9000 series machines, plugged in the power did not return to restart normal start-up operating system, a technical services engineer I, to return to normal, maintenance success.
Second case, a Beijing SMEs in the rp2450 HP 9000 series machines, the operating system did not start Kai, after I carefully examined by the engineers at the wrong operating system, the start-up drives found documents, repair startup files, activate host, operating system to return to normal, maintenance success. A backup important data. Win customers at home.
Case III, a Beijing enterprises in the HP 9000 Series 2470 machines, Kai not to start, after I carefully examined by the engineers, power supply problems, the replacement of spare parts, repairs success. A backup important data. , Won the praise.
1)HP 9000 Series Minicomputer maintenance successful case are as follows:
1.1)A180、A180C Success Stories
1.2)A400、A500 Success Stories
1.3)D210、D220、D230、D250、D270、D270/2、D310、D320、D330 Success Stories
1.4)D350、D360、D370、D370/2、D380、 D380/2、D390、D390/2 Success Stories
1.5)K100、K200、K210、K220、K250、K260、K360、K370 Success Stories
1.6)K380、K400、K410、K420、K450、K460、K570 K580 Success Stories
1.7)L1000、L1500、L2000、L3000 Success Stories
1.8)N4000-36、N4000-44 Success Stories
1.9)R380、R390 Success Stories
1.10)Rp2400, rp2450 (HP-UX models for A4xx-string or A5xx-xx xx. Orders can show that the use of model aircraft string) Success Stories
1.11)Rp5405HP-UX string models for L3000 - 6X Success Stories
1.12)Rp5400, rp5430, rp5450, rp5470 (HP-UX string models for Lxxxx-xx) Success Stories
1.13)Rp7400 (HP-UX string models for N4000-7X or N4000 - 8X) Success Stories
1.14)rp7405 和 rp7410 Success Stories
1.15)rp-8400(S16K-A type)Success Stories
1.16)Superdome(SD16000、SD32000 and SD64000 type)Success Stories
1.17)T500、T520 Success Stories
1.18)T600 Success Stories
1.19)Itanium server RX1600 RX2600 RX4640 RX5670 RX7620 RX8620 Success Stories
1.20、HP 9000 UNIX Maintenance Success Stories Home.
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