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First, IBM LTO Library maintenance services:
1) professional maintenance IBM LTO Library models are: IBM LTO 3580, IBM LTO 3581, IBM LTO 3582, IBM LTO 3583.
2) I have many years of professional companies with the LTO maintenance engineers, engineers of IBM LTO Library family of products are very familiar with. Have good technical knowledge and technical communication skills.
2) my company, the engineers, according to the LTO provide customers with the hardware error message, to judge from hardware failures.
3) hardware engineers to determine the fault, to provide the hardware solution. (LTO Library arm, or LTO tape drive problems and so on.)
4) engineers hardware solutions can provide the necessary accessories for testing (such as test drives, or the testing arm problems) I tested in accordance with specific spare parts, to collect certain parts of test fees.
Second, successful case are as follows:
Case 1, a Beijing securities IBM TotalStorage 3581-L23 automatically loaded not with the backup, a company of engineers and accessories diagnostic tests, LTO 3581 L23 tape stuck in the drive, engineers opened with the removal cassettes, in Canada electrical test, the normal start-up and use. Maintenance success.
Case II, a company of the Beijing Municipal IBM TotalStorage 3581-L23 automatically loaded with problems with the bar code, does not recognize the new tape barcode tape, after my company engineers diagnosis and accessories test, the start and the proper use of . Maintenance success.
A typical case, in a city of Beijing Securities IBM TotalStorage 3581-L23 automatically loaded with the maintenance success.
Two typical cases, a city Automotive Group of IBM TotalStorage 3581 U2 F28 with the automatic load-manipulator bad maintenance success.
Three typical cases, a company's Beijing 3582 tape drive IBM LTO tape cassettes card in the slot in the maintenance success.
Four typical cases, a city bank IBM LTO 3583 with the manipulator bad maintenance success.
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