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                  2、HACMP two-plane software customized training services
                  2) HACMP Cluster software customized training services as follows:
                  2.1)HACMP The principle of dual-machine software
                  2.2) in the two machines installed dual-machine software and hardware
                  2.3)HACMP Two-machine software installation requirements BASE package.
                  2.4)HACMP Installation of two-plane package.
                  2.5)HACMP Cluster configuration。
                  2.6)HACMP The basic dual-machine software orders.
                  2.7)HACMP Two-plane software configuration topology situation.
                  2.8)HACMP Two-machine software configurations in the resource situation.
                  2.9)HACMP Dual-network software testing methods.
                  2.10)HACMP Two-plane software testing resources group method.
                  2.11)HACMP Two-plane software testing successful.
                  2.12)HACMP Experimental aircraft software.
                  2.13)In accordance with the actual situation of customers to customize
                  HACMP two-plane software training program.
                  Custom training AIX operating system services
                  Custom two-plane training HACMP software services
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