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Minicomputer deep security services.
Minicomputer blue security services.
Beijing dark blue Rongxin Technology Development Co., IBM RS/6000 MA maintenance of the major features.
1、Minicomputer deep security services.
1.1)Minicomputer a model (IBM pSeries/RS6000 series Minicomputer, HP Minicomputer, such as machinery Minicom SUN)
1.2)The duration of their service for one year.
1.3)Presented one month after the expiry of contract maintenance. (Note: the maintenance of a gift does not include the replacement of hardware costs)
2、Hardware warranty as follows:
2.1)If the system collapse of the situation, Beijing dark blue Rongxin engineers received the report of users within half an hour after a telephone response or online support services. And the fastest way to the scene to provide users rushed to the scene maintenance services.
2.2)If the non-system collapse to happen, Beijing dark blue Rongxin engineers after receiving the report from within the half-hour telephone support services, and in accordance with user requirements and the actual situation at the scene to provide maintenance services.
3、Maintenance services are as follows:
3.1)Site maintenance services: customers workplace related services.
3.2)Sending services: there will be failures, the machine sent to Beijing dark blue Rongxin to repair.
4、Exchange of services:
4.1)For the scene of services: dark blue Rongxin engineers conducted on the client machine fault swap services.
4.2)For sending a service: customers will be sent to the fault machine parts company, the company will be swapped good accessories.
5、Service response time.
5.1)We provide you with 7 * 24-hour maintenance services and parts for service.
6、Hardware replacement of spare parts flow chart:
7、 Preventive maintenance services.
Can be conducted on the health of the machine checks, problems can be resolved earlier. Make business continuity, and stability operations.
8、Deep-successful case are as follows:
Small and medium-sized enterprises in a certain city, a city circulation enterprises, in a city such as tobacco companies.
Beijing, China Contact:
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4)Phone: 13301272832
6)Company:Beijing DeepBlue the Rongxin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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