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TIVOLI a brief introduction.
TIVOLI TSM in the Windows platform installation services.
TIVOLI TSM in the AIX operating system installation services.
TIVOLI in AIX, HP-UNIX, Sun Solaris and other UNIX operating systems maintenance services.
First, IBM TIVOLI in TSM backup software installed as follows:
1) TIVOLI of TSM backup software in AIX platform, the Windows operating system platform and other platforms installed.
2) TSM backup software on the Windows platform installation configuration backup
Second, IBM TIVOLI in TSM for the installation of AIX
1) TSM in the AIX platform installation.
2) TSM backup software online backup AIX platform, the Windows operating system platforms and other backup of the database platform installation services.
Third, the installation of the Oracle database services successful case are as follows:
A Beijing military hospitals TIVOLI TSM 5.2 backup software on the Windows platform do Server, two p520 + Oracle9.2 client installation services.
A Beijing Enterprises TIVILI TSM 5.3 in p550 Minicomputer + LTO 3582 with the end of Oracle 9.2 database Server installation services.
A large enterprises in Harbin City of TIVOLI 5.2windows 2003 Enterprise Edition do Server-Oracle 9.2 database backup in the two-plane environment backup installation services.
A hospital southwest of TIVOLI TSM 5.1, the Windows platform backup software upgrade services.
A bank in a city of Yinchuan City TIVOLI TSM 5.1 in the two p650 Minicomputer +7133- D40 + HACMP 4.5 (two-plane software) + Oracle 9.2 on the backup could not repair the wrong information services, successful backup.
Tangshan City, Hebei Province banking system TIVOLI TSM 5.1 backup oracle 9I the RAC database with no backup success errors, in the two M85 Minicomputer +7133- D40 + HACMP4.5 (two-plane software) on the amendment of the error message TIVOLI success successful repair TIVOLI backup services.
Shenyang City in an enterprise TIVOLI TSM the oracle 9.2 RAC database with no backup, the two p550 Minicomputer + two H08 + FAST900 + HACMP5.3 (two-plane software) on repairing the wrong message to the successful database backup services.
A city telecommunications enterprises TIVOLI TSM 5.3 backup software, Oracle 10g in two p520 Minicomputer + HACMP 5.3 (two-plane software) installed on the RMAN backup services.
TIVOLI TSM small and medium-sized enterprises in a certain city in Oracle9.2 database backup installation services.
A city of a certain government departments TIVOLI TSM 5.3, Oracle 10g, two p570 + h16 + DS4300 + HACMP 5.3 pairs of RMAN backup database software installation services.
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