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Oracle database in the UNIX operating system and the windows platform installation services.
Maintenance of Oracle Database in the case of records of the UNIX operating system
1、ORACLE database in the AIX operating system platform, operating system platform Windws Maintenance Services. As follows:
1)ORACLE Database in the AIX operating system platform maintenance services.
2、ORACLE database maintenance services version is as follows:
1)ORACLE database in the AIX operating system platform versions have oracle 8.1.7, Oracel 9.1, Oracle 9.2, Oracle 10g, and other versions of the maintenance services.
3、Beijing dark blue Rong Xin Technology Development Limited _ the ORACLE database can provide flexible service are as follows:
1)Systems engineers and statistical analysis system log information, the prevention of problems.
2)ORACLE products according to demand the installation of the patch, and will fight to pass on to the patch method corresponding to the Administrator.
3)Check database backup and recovery procedures and integrity.
3)Monitoring database space、Optimization
4、After the collapse of the Oracle database will provide flexible data recovery services are as follows:
1)、Provides flexible recover data services (existing data backup, protection of existing environmental data, with a backup of the existing data and in accordance with the existing environment to restore the actual data.)
5、Installation of Oracle database maintenance services success stories are as follows:
In a hospital in Beijing in Oralce 8.1.7 database on the AIX platform maintenance services.
Beijing an enterprise in the Oracle 9.2 database on the AIX 5.3 operating system and data recovery services.
A large enterprises in Tianjin Oracle 9.1 database on the AIX 5.1 operating system environment on the dual-machine repair RAC database services.
Shijiazhuang City, an enterprise Oracle 9.2 pay-per-view MA maintenance services.
Coke in a city in Henan Province Oracle 9.1 in enterprises with RAC database building a database and data into database services, and restore data services.
Liaoning Province, a city power system oracle 9I the RAC with day-to-day database maintenance services.
Xi'an an enterprise oracle 8.1.7 Repair Services.
A city telecommunications enterprises Oracle 9.2 database performance optimization services.
A city bank Oracle9.1 database Performance Optimization and installation services.
A city of a certain government departments with Oracle 10g RAC database building a database, and database migration services.
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