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Oracle database in the UNIX operating system and the windows platform installation services.
2、ORACLE database on the AIX operating system installation services as follows:
1)ORACLE database in the AIX operating system platform, two-plane HACMP 5.3 on the installation services.
Engineers installation process is as follows:
a)Environment: mainframe is two IBM p550 Minicomputer servers, DS4800 optical disk array, F16 optical storage switches.
b)Step 1, the overall project planning.
c)Step 2, Construction SAN environments.
d)Step 3, of DS4800 optical disk array.
e)Four steps were installed two p550 Minicomputer the AIX 5.3 operating system.
f)Step five, configuration mainframe environment (such as: hostname, IP address of the network respectively identify fiber disk, etc.).
g)Step 6. HACMP 5.3 cluster installation and configuration cluster.
h)Step 7. Testing HACMP 5.3 cluster.
i)Step 8, Oracle installation configuration environment variable before the preparatory work (such as: establishing a oracle user to establish dba group, etc.).
g)Step 9, Oracle 9.2 to install software (such as: Tianxie installation path, filling in the overall SID, complete configuration information, etc.).
k)10 steps to create routines (configuration parameters such as: creating a new database database, filling in the overall SID, completing SGA parameters, complete control of the installation path information to fill in the data files stored path, complete configuration information, etc.).
l)11 steps to create routines completed.
m)Steps 12, configuration listenter.
n)Steps 13, the new start lsnrctl start.
o)Steps 14, the new launch database startup.
p)Steps 15, in two-plane test database environment.
q)Step 16. Client test database.
r)Step 17. Oracle 9.2 database on the AIX operating system environment for the installation of double success.
3、Installation of Oracle database services success stories are as follows:
Xingtai City, Hebei Province in a hospital Oracle 9.1 database on the Windows platform installation services.
An enterprise in Beijing Oracle 9.2 database in windows 2003 operating system installation services.
A large-scale enterprises in Beijing Oracle 9.2 database in windows 2003 Enterprise Edition operating system environment on the aircraft installation services.
An enterprise in Tianjin Oracle 10g, the two p520 Minicomputer + two H08 + FAST600 + HACMP 5.2 (two-plane software) installation services.
The social security system in a certain city in Henan Province Oracle 9.1, in the two p630 Minicomputer + two H08 + FAST600 + HACMP 4.5 (two-plane software) installation services.
Hebei Province, a city power system oracle 9I the RAC concurrent database, in the two M85 Minicomputer +7133- D40 + HACMP4.5 (even software) installation services.
In a city of Gansu Province enterprises oracle 9.2 RAC database with the two p550 Minicomputer + two H08 + FAST900 + HACMP5.3 (even software) installation services.
A city telecommunications enterprises Oracle 10g in two p520 Minicomputer + HACMP 5.3 (two-plane software) installation services
A city SMEs Oracle9.2 database installation services.
A city of a certain government departments Oracle 10g, two p570 + h16 + DS4300 + HACMP 5.3 pairs of software installation services.
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