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1、IBM RS6000 Minicomputer migration aspects.
One case, IBM Minicomputer hardware migration as follows: A two p650 Minicomputer SMEs IBM, the two p630 Minicomputer, a p670 Minicomputer from one floor to another floor of homes Information Center and achieve centralized information center.
Before the shift for the major options are as follows:
1)Customers backup system administrators all Minicomputer data.
2)Each network lines corresponding to the switch ports connecting lines do labels.
3)SAN online connections do labels, including each of the corresponding fiber Zone card labels.
4)FAST600 optical storage drives do labels.
5)Fiber optic lines do labels.
6)HACMP for two P650 done by the aircraft when the label.
The main shift of the way the program is as follows:
1)Engineers carefully handling a host to a designated location.
The main destination of the transfer program are as follows:
1)Engineers carefully a set of installation p650 machines.
2)Engineers installed SAN fabric switches.
3)Engineers installed FAST600 optical storage.
4)Engineers with previous zone labeling and labeling fiber line connecting mainframe.
5)Engineers in accordance with the previous network to the network switches on the label.
6)Engineers installed p630 machines.
7)Network engineers in accordance with p630 previously connected to the network switch labels on.
8)Engineers installed p670 Minicomputer, in accordance with previous label connecting IO drawer.
9)Network engineers in accordance with p670 previously connected to the network switch labels on.
Case II, application software data migration as follows: A city banks, the original two H70 Minicomputer IBM, the Notes domino HACMP moved to the two p570 Minicomputer do HACMP to achieve centralized information center.
Migration is as follows:
1)Backup original two H70 Minicomputer the domino data.
2)Two P570 Minicomputer installation of a new operating system AIX 5.3
3)The installation of a new two P570 Minicomputer HACMP two-plane software.
4)Dual testing HACMP software.
5)Installation Notes domino software.
6)Notes domino software.
7)Restoring the original H70 on the Notes domino data to the new P570 on the disk array.
8)Test Notes domino HACMP data in the dual-machine software to take over the situation.
9)Internal testing of the data contained in the Notes domino HACMP software on the dual-takeover success.
10)Internal testing Notes domino data receiver connected to the Internet backbone success.
11)Notes domino data migration success.
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