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First, IBM SAN Fiber Channel Switch maintenance service
1)Professional maintenance IBM optical storage switch models have:2109-S08、2109-S16、3534-F08、2109-F16。
2)I have many years of professional maintenance company IBM optical storage switches, the engineers, optical storage switches engineers to IBM family of products are very familiar with. There are good technical foundation and technical communication skills.
2)My company, the engineers, according to customers with hardware fault information, to judge a hardware fault.
3)Hardware engineers determine the fault, can provide the corresponding hardware solutions. (Such as power supply, optical storage or exchange of motherboards, and so on.)
4)According to the hardware engineers solution can provide the necessary accessories for testing (such as testing power supply or motherboard problem tests, etc.) in accordance with specific test my company for spare parts, accessories to collect certain testing costs.
Second, successful cases as follows:
One case, a company in Beijing IBM 3534 - F08 stuck on power without electricity, without any reflection. After I carefully opened the company's engineers mainframe, the tools out power modules, identify power accessories, replacement power modules, stuck resume normal power supply, maintenance success.
IBM pSeries/RS6000 Minicomputer maintenance machines success stories are as follows:
IBM LTO maintenance service with the success stories are as follows.
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4)Phone: 13301272832
6)Company:Beijing DeepBlue the Rongxin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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