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New model specific parts lists
To look up RoHS-compliant information in PartSurfer, use the component's option part number or the sales order number for a system in which the component is used (available from the product QuickSpecs). Click here to visit the HPE PartSurfer website .
Spare parts
Description Spare Part Number Exchange FRU Part Number RoHS FRU Part Number Exchange RoHS FRU Part Number
PCA boards
SDBP backplane board A9834-60004 A9834-69001 AD282B A9834-69101
PC Board - Backplane power board A9834-60203 A9834-69002
Cell processor board - MAD9, 1.6GB (9MB cache) - Includes two processors AD220-67001 AD220-69301 AD220B AD220-69101
Cell processor board - 1.6 GHz (Montecito, 24MB Level-3 cache) - Includes two processors AD063-67001 AD063-69101
Cell processor board - 1.6 GHz (Montecito, 18MB Level-3 cache) - Includes two processors AB409A AB409-69101
PC Board - Cell board with two PA800 1.086 GHz processors AD116A AD116-69001
Processor - 1.6 GHz (18MB Level-2 cache, 533 Front Side Bus (FSB)) A9837JX + 2xAD371AX AD371-69001
Processor - 1.6 GHz (24MB Level-2 cache, 533 FSB) A9837JX + 2xAD374AX AD374-69001
MAD9M Central Processing Unit (CPU) 1.6 GHZ / 9MB AD255A AD003-69101 AD255B AD003-69001
Montecito 1.6 GHZ/24MB CP AD256A AD256-69001
Intel Itanium dual-core processor - 1.6 GHz (Montecito, 18MB Level-3 cache) AD216A AB406-69001
Processor Kit - PA-8900, 1.1 GHz, 64MB cache, with alignment rods AD356A A9853-69001
PC board - Cell board with 2 IPF, 1.6 GHz, 18MB cache CPU AD371AX AH324-69001
PC board - Cell board with 2 IPF, 1.6 GHz, 24MB cache CPU AD374AX AH325-69001
Cell power board (SDCPB) A9837-60201 A9837-69201 AD293B A9837-69101
BD Assy, Hot Swap Oscillator (HSO), A9834-60201 A9834-69003
BD Assy, Redundant Clock System (RCS), A9834-60100
SPS-BD Assy CIO5 (Core IO) A5210-60401 A6865-69001 A6865BX A5210-69501
SPS-PCI Enclosure sanddune A9836-2101B A9836-69001 AD292B A9836-69101
Module PCIe chassis, high speed serial - 12 slot I/O chassis with SIOBP, SIOPB, SIOXPB and without Core IO AB405AX AB405-69001
PC Board kit - UGUY5-50 A6475-60101 A6475-69301 A6475-60201 A6475-69201
Single Board Computer Hub (SBCH) A5201-60118 A5201-69012 A5201-60218
SPS-Assy SBCH-SBC module (6) A5201-62129 A5201-69129 A5201-62229 A5201-69229
1.0GB DIMM memory module - Double Data Rate 2 (DDR2) A9843-67001 A9843-69001
2.0GB DIMM memory module - MAMM4 2.0GB, DDR-2 A9846-67001 A9846-69001
BD Assy, DIMM, MAMM2-4GB, DDR-2, 4GB, single DIMM A9849-67001 A9849-69001
BD Assy, Single Board Computer (SBC) 1150-2117 A5201-69005
Master I/O backplane A5201-67001
Front and rear Panel Board (FPB2) A5201-67002
Utility chassis - Includes the Utility Connector Board (UCB) A5201-67069 A5201-67069
Cabinet on-line board A5201-67065
SMS Modem board - 56K, V.92/V.44 data/fax 0960-2197
CELL VRM, 30 A. Cell processor board and cell power board 0950-4510 0950-4632
CELL VRM, 55 A. Cell power board 0950-4514 0950-4725
PC Board - PCI, USB, VGA, Virtual Keyboard Video Monitor (VKVM) and Media AD307A AD307-67001
Cables Cable - Coaxial clock A9834-2003A
CABLE Assy, M-Link, backplane to A9834-2002A backplane, 5' long (Primary backplane to 2nd cabinet backplane high speed interconnect) A9834-2002A
Cable - E link A9834-2000B
CABLE Assy, M-Link, backplane to Backplane, 5 long (Primary backplane to 2nd cabinet backplane high speed interconnect) A9834-2001A
48 V dc board to left system backplane sensor cable A5201-63073
LED assembly cable - On-line addition/deletion A5201-63074
System board fan control power harness A5201-63075
PC Board to utilities cable kit A5201-63076
Main blower control power harness A5201-63077
Utilities board to master I/O backplane 500 MHz clock cable A5201-63100
Cable - Utilities board to left system backplane clock, ROHS A5201-63110
House keeping power board to utilities connector board cable A5201-63078
Ring I/O adapter cable, 2.1 m (82 in) long A5201-63066
SBC hub to SBC Com1 and Com2 cables A5201-63080
Front display panel cable A5201-63081
48VDC sensor-to-utilities control board sensor cable A5201-63111
House keeping power to master I/O backplane rear cable A5201-63083
Front end power supply power control and sensor cable A5201-63071
Cable - Filter to Front End Processors (FEPS) A5201-63085
5 V External feed through filter cable A5201-63086
Cable - Cell OL Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) A5201-63087
Front EMI cover sensor cable A5201-63088
48 V dc power board to I/O feed cable A5201-63089
Cable kit - Halfdome Utility Connector Board (HUCB) to Halfdome Left System Backplane (HLSB), RoHS A5201-63090
Cable kit - HUCB to HLSB, RoHS A5201-63091
House keeping power to utilities connector board cable A5201-63092
Cable assembly - USBE, unshielded A5201-63093
On-Off switch to front power board cable A5201-63094
Front and rear display panel to bulkhead connector cable A5201-63097
Front door to chassis ground cable A5201-63098
CABLE Assy, ground, front control panel to door A5201-63068
Ethernet cable - 7.6 m (25 ft) CAT5 Male-Male 5183-2687
Phone cord - 7.6 m (25 ft) long - For SMS modem A5201-63105
Power supplies
SPS-PWR Assy BPS A5201-62035 A5201-69118 A5201-62045 A5201-69026
200-240 VAC 3 phase 4 wire A5201-62013 A5201-69009
Power Distribution Control Assembly (PDCA) - 200-240 V ac, 32 A, 3 phase, 5-wire, phase to neutral - Includes power cord, plug, and receptacle A5201-62014 A5201-69028
SPS-Power Assy FEPS A5201-62025 A5201-69007 A5201-62044 A5201-69025
Power supply 200-240 V ac - 3 phase 4 wires, phase to phase, includes cord and plug PDCA A5201-62026 A5201-69015
PDCA - 200-240 V ac, 60 A, 3 phase, 5-wire, phase to neutral - Includes power cord, plug, and receptacle A5201-62027 A5201-69016
SPS-PDCA 4-Wire (62036) A5201-62036 A5201-69023 A5201-62046 A5201-69027
SPS-PDCA 5-Wire (62037) A5201-62037 A5201-69024 A5201-62047 A5201-69028
PDCA in-line connector - 200-240 V ac, 60/63 A, 3-phase, 4-wire 1253-8007 1253-8007
PDCA in-line connector - 200-240 V ac, 30/32 A, 3 phase, 5-wire 1253-8008 1253-8008
DVD DDS4, writer drive DRIVE Assy, SMS, 5187-2634 P8680-69001 internal 5187-2634 P8680-69001
15 in color monitor - For SMS stand-alone 2090-0913
Tray kit - Keyboard and display rack mount installation 350513-001
Blower module - Includes one blower and mounter hardware - Mounts on top of the chassis - Upgraded fuse (6.25A) should be used with this product (Order A5201-69030 6.25a fuse kit) A5201-62032 A5201-69011 A5201-62048
I/O fan module - Includes fan, finger guard, mounting bracket, cable, and operational, caution, and fuse labels A5201-04035 A5201-04072
48 V filter assembly - Includes attaching hardware A5201-67067
PCI card cage label kit A5201-67068
Mfba kit cabinet Interconnect A5201-62034
Ziff Socket cover installation Kit 5169-0431
Dust cover for the backplane flex cable socket 1200-4446
Halfdome base assembly - Includes LCD module and main cabinet 48 V distribution bus A5201-62050
Front control panel bezel kit A5201-04078
Front control panel cosmetic kit (Graphite color) A5201-04080
Rear control panel bezel kit A5201-04017
Hardware - Front door limiter, kit A5201-70008
Hardware - Front door latch, Kit A5201-70009
48V distribution to cell board bus bar A5201-00555
Cell backplane cover assembly - ASIC A5201-00537
System board fan mounting frame A5201-04083
PDCA mount - Enclosure for two PDCA`s and 10 cable groomers A5201-04034
I/O Chassis support tray assembly - Includes tray, left and right rails, RFI strips, and power filter A5201-04010
Front blower housing - Does not include the blower A5201-62030
Rear blower housing - Does not include the blower A5201-62051
Mfab, Cover, fan power mount A5206-00476
Cell air blocker A5201-04048
Cell slot filler panel (Air blocker) - Fills an empty cell slot to provide proper air flow for cooling A6866-04016
Front door air filter A5201-00397
Mfba air filter - Front door, 5 pieces Kit A5201-00511
Front inner frame air filter A5201-00356
Rear door air filter A5201-00371
Battery holder, SBCH, for 3 V battery 1402-2111
SBC hub (SBCH) 3 V battery retainer 1400-2112
3.0V battery - 1.3Ah, photo lithium (LiMnO2) cell - Type CR123A or equivalent - Not rechargeable 1420-0862
Battery for Real-Time Clock (RTC) - 3.0 V, 220mAh, lithium coin cell, 20 mm diameter, 3.2 mm height (CR2032) 319603-001
PCI card separator/extractor with light pipe A3639-04024
Empty I/O slot cover 5001-7430
EMI panel cable exit filler panel A5201-00246
Lossey pad reo cable A5201-00232
EMI panel kit - Includes Mfab and honey comb panels, top and bottom A5201-00532
Blank filler panel - Chassis, Mfab EMI A5201-00064
Leveling foot (4) kit - Includes brackets, adjusters, feet, and 16 screws A5201-70001
Front cell board chamber EMI filler panel A5201-00169
Rear cell backplane chamber EMI filler panel A5201-00422
Cable Kit - M link Cable Support A9834-3004B
Assy, Reo duct cover, front, non power side A5201-04065
Assy, Reo duct cover, middle, non A5201-04066 power side, A5201-04066
Assy, Reo duct cover, rear, non power side A5201-00495
Assy, Reo duct cover, front, power side, A5201-04067
Assy, Reo duct cover, middle, power side A5201-04068
Assy, Reo duct cover, rear, power side, A5201-00523
Mfba cabinet attach vertical A5201-00331
Mfba cabinet attach horizontal A5201-00333
Mfba cabinet attach rear A5201-00335
MFAB bracket cabinet Attach A5201-00467
Screw - Cabinet attach M6 x 10mm (0.39in) 0515-3210
Screw - MSM6, 12 mm (0.47 in) 0515-0441
Front door opening limiter bracket - Limits how far the door can open A5201-00510
Rear door latch catch A5201-00561
Blower side panel lock bracket A5201-00268
Power Distibution Control Assembly (PDCA) slot filler panel A5201-00440
Front door top section - Includes latch and key lock A5201-40005
Front door top section (Graphite color) - Includes latch and key lock A5201-40045
Front door bottom section A5201-40006
Bottom front door (Graphite color) A5201-04090
Cabinet side cover panel without vertical lip A5201-04020
Cabinet side panel (Graphite color) - Without vertical lip A5201-04086
Cabinet side cover panel with vertical lip A5201-04031
Cable exit EMI panel - Include cable clamps A5201-04050
Cabinet left side cover panel with IOX cable access cutouts A5201-04043
Cabinet left side panel (Graphite color) - With IOX cable access cutouts A5201-04087
Cabinet right side cover panel with IOX cable access cutouts A5201-04045
Cabinet right side panel (Graphite color) - With IOX cable access cutouts A5201-04085
Cabinet side cover cable access block off plate A5542-40001
Pfab, cosmetic, Side panel cable access, Block off plate, color, Graphite, Integrity Only 5042-8112
EMI panel clamp with screws to secure the REO cable A5861-04013
EMI panel clamp with screws to secure the USB cable A5861-04014
Blank Plug REO Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI Shield) Panel A5861-00075
Blank Plug USB EMI Shield Panel A5861-00076
Blower side cover panel A5201-04019
Blower side panel (Carbon color) A5201-04084
Blower front cover panel A5201-04018
Blower front panel (Carbon color) A5201-04088
Blower rear cover panel A5201-04025
Blower rear panel (Carbon color) A5201-04089
Left back kicker cover A5201-00280
Left back kicker (Graphite color) A5201-00558
Middle back kicker cover A5201-00261
Middle back kicker (Graphite color) A5201-00559
Right back kicker cover A5201-00281
Right back kicker (Graphite color) A5201-00560
Front door latch keeper A5201-00258
Front door metal frame A5201-04041
Front door metal frame (Carbon color) A5201-04081
Front door hinge mounting bracket A5201-00259
Side panel support bracket A5201-00556
Rear door assembly - Includes door, latch catch, stiffeners, brackets, and RFI strips A5201-04022
Rear door assembly (Graphite color) - With bracket A5201-04076
Rear door hinge A5201-04024
Panel - For close-out top A5201-00238
Mfab panel Close-out A5201-00076
PCI chassis guide A5201-00144
I/O chassis mount support A5201-00168
Front and rear bulkhead support A5201-00533
REO duct - Attaches to non-power side - Includes upper and lower cover A5201-04063
Assy, REO, Duct, Power Side, incl. front, middle and rear covers A5201-04064
Horizontal mounting plate - Attaches to the utilities tray and card cage - Includes HUCB A5201-04042
Loopback connector - RJ-45 - Used on empty CIO communications port 5065-5113
Superdome cabinet power rating label A5201-84056
DuPont Nomex Insulator Cover 6960-0311
High current/high voltage AC input filter 9135-5258
Wheel and caster assembly - 3in diameter 1492-0310
Standoff-HEX, 188-IN-LG .187 in-A/F CRS, qty 2 installed per D-sub connector on HUCB 0380-2057
Hex standoff - 18 mm (0.7 in) long, male, 3.0 cm (1.18 in) x 0.5 cm (0.19 in) Thread (TH), RoHS, SBC and SBCH 0380-4051
Hex standoff - 16 mm long, M3.0 x 0.5 TH - Stainless steel 0380-4735
Screw, machine Assy, M3 X 0.5 8 MM-LG, qty 6 used to attach 48 V dc/HKP brkt. Qty 14 used to attach HMIOB, qty 5 used to attach mounting brkt to UGUY, qty 6 used to attach mounting brkt to SBCH 0515-0372
Pan head machine screw - M4.0 x 0.7, 10 mm long 0515-0380
Pan head machine screw - M3.0 x 0.5, 6 mm long, Torx recess 0515-0430
Screw-machine kit 0515-0670
Socket head cap screw - M10 x 1.5, 80 mm long 0515-0824
Pan head machine screw - M5.0 x 0.8, 10 mm long 0515-2991
Screw, SMM 4.0 8 PCPNTX, frt and rr door hinge 0515-2113
Screw-machine, M4 x 0.7 8 mm-LG 90-DEG-FLH-HD 0515-1101
Screw-machine, M4 x 8 mm, T-15, bkpl, 48 V Busbar 0515-0433
Cable Tie-wrap - Velcro, black cable bundles to chassis, cable management 5021-1125
Nut - Wing M4 0535-0060
NUT, Hex W/Ext-T-LKWR M5 x 0.8 4 MM-THK, qty 1 used to attach ground lug from 48 V distribution bus 0535-0066
Nut - THD, insert 0590-1153
TH insert-Nut - M10.0, one piece 0590-2023
TH insert-SDFT M4 x 0.7 mm 0590-2555
Cable Tie - 0.062 in to 1.25 in diameter, 0.10 in wide 1400-1154
Cable Tie - 0.087 in diameter, 0.9 in wide 1400-2150
Screw - Mach, 4-40 2200-1259
Rubber bumper for the front and rear doors 0403-0549
6.25A fan blower fuse replacement A5201-69030
DIMM module installer tool A5201-68003
Anti-static mat, 24 in x 3 6in with grounding strap A5201-68004
DIMM module removal tool A5201-68017
Torque wrench with range from 30 to 150 in/lbs, 3/8 in drive A5201-68006
Drive - Torx 1/4, T-20 screw A5201-68007
Drive - Hexagonal, 10 mm (0.39in) A5201-68008
Drive - Hexagonal, 19mm (0.74 in) A5201-68009
Drive - Bit socket, T-15 Torx, 1/4 A5201-68010
Drive / Extension 6, 3/8 A5201-68011
Cell module lifting tool A5201-68013
Cable assembly - 25-pin, single-port A6144-63008
12FTUTP crossover cable (Orange) M3199-60102M
RS232 node to workstation cable 15.24 m (50 ft) long A4700-67052
Static wrist strap with 3.7 m (12 ft) cord 9300-2481
Ethernet corssover cable - 7.6 m (25 ft) long with RJ-45 connectors at each end 5183-2688
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